Atelier Momiji | INTRODUCTION
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L’atelier Momiji is a small workshop located at Donneville, a village close to Toulouse, France. We can find figures of Chinchilla, Neko (cat in japaneese) and Lili (the cute seaslug), teapots, bowls, teacups and jewels, all made with care in porcelain and stoneware. Each object is unique or a part of a small series.

It’s during a long stay in Japan that I started learning to do pottery guided by Mrs Taguchi. Since then, I continued to learn through trainings and in various workshops. Since beginning of 2015, I make experiments in my own 10 m² workshop. For the shapes and patterns, I work in the instant following what the clay is telling me.

The pieces are shaped, turned with a potter’s wheel or made with slabs. They are decorated with engobes, engraved, baked in a kiln at low temperature, glazed and finally baked again at high temperature. Finally, each piece is decorated with cold or platinum and baked again at 750°C.

Laurie-Anne Harasse, ceramist and founder of L’atelier Momiji